Executive Director Job Opening

About Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber (HMC)

Established in 1994 by a local group of Latinos concerned about the need to support the economic advancement of Latinos in Oregon and Southwest Washington. HMC exists to create opportunities and grow the Latino community’s wealth and assets by investing in its community’s entrepreneurial spirit, supporting its future generations’ access to higher education, and preparing its emerging leaders to succeed in their careers and in the communities at large. Ultimately, they aim to advance the vision of Latinos prospering and contributing as business owners and industry leaders in an inclusive and robust economy.

HMC’s vision is to close the Latino economic equity gap and create intergenerational wealth. HMC continues to work on advancing Latino economic and community vitality through business development, leadership, education and advocacy. The Hispanic Chamber actively works toward four main goals:


  • Assist Latino businesses to start, grow, adapt and succeed.
  • Cultivate Latino career and leadership advancement to influence inclusive and sustainable community and economic development.
  • Advocate for policies and programs that contribute to Latino economic advancement and inclusive and sustainable economic development.
  • Operate as an effective and resilient organization.

Core Programs

  • Latino Leadership Development- cultivating Latino career and leadership advancement to influence inclusive, sustainable community and economic development.
  • Small Business Development- offers and assists businesses with start-ups, expansion, business plans, software training, small business loans, and guidance with contracts and procurement.
  • Latino Scholarship Program- established as an endowment to OCF to provide a long-term source of college scholarships for Latino students, the program has awarded $2.95 million to over 1100 students throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

The Role

Location: Hybrid and in-office at Portland HMC office

Reporting to: HMC Board of Directors

The Executive Director of the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber is responsible for the organization’s overall success and financial stability. The Executive Director is directly involved in fundraising, directing all business affairs, and managing operations. The Executive Director is expected to effectively and positively interact and cultivate relationships with a diverse group of people – staff, partners, members, board, and community leaders to ensure the success and growth of the organization.

As the Executive Director of the organization, your key responsibility is to become a voice of the people HMC represents and support the economic advancement and development of the community. Specific responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Strategic Planning with the board members to refine the organization’s vision, operating strategies, and specific milestones for performance measurement. Work with staff to execute the strategic plan.
  • Organizational management, including the hiring, motivating and development of staff; management of grants and contracts; and budget planning.
  • Preparation and implementation of a development strategy designed to: diversify the Hispanic Chamber’s funding sources, increase awareness, and enhance financial stability.
  • Establishment of new partnerships while maintaining existing relationships with members, funders, key contacts in the Hispanic community, public and private sector organizations, elected officials, and other key stakeholders. Serve as a representative in committees that support HMC’s vision across various sectors.
  • Building the voice and presence of the Latino community in the region and beyond by creating stronger partnerships, expanding the reach, and empowering growth.

Required Qualifications/ Experience:

  • Working with the Hispanic community
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in working and communicating with a diverse group of constituencies, including key community leaders and organizations, staff, Board of Directors, and potential donors
  • Partner with civic and elected leaders, community groups, and supporters of diversity, equity, and inclusion to drive engagement and advocacy for the Hispanic community
  • Comfortable with speaking before large audiences about the organization’s initiatives, research, and other topics, as requested
  • Lead and innovate effectively in a challenging and dynamic environment
  • Comprehensive understanding of strategic planning and implementation
  • Develop and execute grant writing and fundraising in private and public sectors
  • Proven track record of fiscal management, budgeting, and cash flow management
  • Skilled in managing events, implementing long-term, multi-faceted projects
  • Bilingual in Spanish and Latino, bicultural competent
  • Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills in English
  • A team builder with a track record of effective staff management, including hiring, rewarding, and retaining talented managers and administrative staff members
  • Ability to take the initiative and prioritize tasks using time-management and problem-solving skills
  • Available to travel across Oregon and SW Washington as needed and to work evenings and weekends as needed
  • At least 5-7 years of Previous experience managing non-profit organizations at a senior management level, preferably with increasing levels of responsibility, management of staff
  • Previous experience with direct stewardship with the Board of Directors

Education & Technical Knowledge

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as business, economics, or non-profit management.

Key skills you must possess to be successful in this role:

  • Fundraising: Develop and implement fundraising strategies and plans to achieve fundraising goals and objectives for the organization. Identify and cultivate prospective donors and secure funding through grant writing, direct mail campaigns, major gifts, and special events.
  • Resource Mobilization: Develop and implement strategies to mobilize resources and support for the organization’s programs and initiatives. Identify and leverage resources such as in-kind donations, volunteer support, and collaborative partnerships to achieve the organization’s objectives.
  • Relationship/Partnership Building: Build and maintain strong relationships with diverse stakeholders including individuals, foundations, corporations, government agencies and non-governmental organizations. Leverage these relationships to increase the organization’s visibility, influence and impact.
  • Public Speaking: Represent the organization in public forums and speak persuasively about its mission, values, and impact. Develop and deliver compelling presentations to diverse audiences.
  • Politically Astute: Understand the political landscape and navigate complex political environments to advance the organization’s agenda. Build coalitions and engage in advocacy efforts to influence policy and regulatory decisions.
  • Strategic and Innovative Thinking: Develop and implement innovative initiatives supporting the organization’s mission and objectives. Continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of these initiatives and make necessary adjustments to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Public-Private Partnership Building: Develop and maintain partnerships with public and private sector entities to advance the organization’s mission and objectives. Identify and leverage opportunities for collaboration and joint initiatives.
  • Team Player: Work collaboratively with other members of the organization’s team to achieve shared goals and objectives. Provide leadership and support to other team members as needed.
  • Bold and Inspirational Leadership: Inspire and motivate others to achieve their full potential. Lead by example and make things happen without micromanaging.
  • Innovative Thinking: Foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the organization. Encourage experimentation and risk-taking to achieve breakthrough results.
  • Background in Economic Development/Impact Non-profits: Possess a deep understanding of the economic development landscape and the role of non-profit organizations in driving economic growth and development. Use this knowledge to inform the organization’s strategies and initiatives.
  • Understanding Local Strategic Landscape: Ability to quickly acquire a thorough understanding of federal, state and local economic, social, and political dynamics. Use this knowledge to inform the organization’s strategies and initiatives.
  • Public Relations: Develop and implement public relations strategies to increase the organization’s visibility and influence. Work with media outlets and other stakeholders to generate positive coverage of the organization’s activities and impact.

Impact and Opportunity for the next Executive Director

As the Executive Director of the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber, you will have the opportunity to significantly impact the Hispanic community while leading a dynamic and innovative team of professionals. You will build and maintain relationships with influential leaders and organizations and enjoy a competitive compensation package depending on your experience level. Benefits include medical, dental insurance, and retirement benefits with a match.

In addition, you will have access to a diverse network of members and stakeholders and high visibility in the community. You have the potential to be recognized as a thought leader, and you will be able to shape the organization’s strategic direction and drive its leadership and sustainability. By joining the HMC, you will become part of a long-standing mission to promote the vision of Latinos prospering and contributing as business owners and industry leaders in an inclusive and robust economy.

Next Steps

Are you ready to become the next transformational leader for HMC? They foster an exciting, challenging environment that encourages independent thinking, problem-solving, and growth. Their principles and values are the heart of their work – with one another, their stakeholders, and their communities. You would love to work here!

If you meet these requirements, connect with us for a conversation: Apoorva Tyagi at [email protected]

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