Latino Leadership Development Program

Purpose-Driven Leadership for an Inclusive Economy

A primary goal of the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber (HMC) is to cultivate Latinx career and leadership advancement to influence inclusive, sustainable community and economic development. Achieving this goal is a key element to the Portland community’s business and social vitality and its attractiveness as a place where everyone can succeed. Now entering its 14th year, the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber Latino Leadership Development Program (LLDP) is a key strategy in achieving this goal and provides a significant benefit to the Latinx community and to the Portland community at large.

The LLDP offers Latinos currently in or aspiring to be leaders in private, public and non-profit organizations the opportunity to significantly improve their leadership and management skills. This improvement results in these individuals contributing to their organizations at a higher level giving both their organization and themselves the opportunity to grow and prosper in an inclusive community. Additionally, the program includes culturally specific training around building an inclusive and equitable economy and workforce consistent with existing regional initiatives to diversify the workforce. (Prosper Portland-Inclusive Innovation, Portland Innovation Quadrant and Greater Portland 2020)


The LLDP program consists of 10 full-day sessions over the course of a year. The sessions are taught each month at different locations by:

  • City, state and county elected officials
  • Faculty from Portland State, Oregon State and the University of Oregon
  • CEO’s and executive level managers in the public, private and non-profit sector

Each session includes a presentation and small group discussions on specific topics relative to the presentation. Attendees may also be requested to do additional research on topics presented in the session. Each Leadership Cohort consists of approximately 20 members.


Following is a list of topics presented and discussed during the program.

  • Leadership Styles & Management Skills
  • Building Effective Teams
  • The Role of Government and Public Policy
  • Business and Economic Development
  • Communication/Problem-Solving Skills
  • Strategic Planning & Project Implementation
  • Presentation and Negotiation Skills
  • Change Management/Change Acceleration Process (CAP)
  • Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace


Latinos currently employed in private, public or non-profit organizations can apply. Recipients of an HMC Scholarship Award, Latino veterans, LGTBQ, those with disabilities and bi-cultural individuals are highly encouraged to apply.


Successful completion of the LLDP requires significant time and effort from those attending. Attendance at each monthly one-day session is critical. Class participants are expected to attend all ten sessions except in the case of emergency.

Application Process

Latinos interested in participating in the program must fill out an application on the HMC Website at the following link: 2019-2020 Leadership Program Application. Applications will then be reviewed by the HMC staff and individuals will be notified of acceptance by August 29, 2019. The HMC governs the LLDP and makes all decisions as to acceptance. Deadline: May 31, 2019


The cost for the year long program is $2500. Typically, an applicant’s place of employment sponsors the individual. For an additional $1500, the organization can also sponsor an individual from a nonprofit organization as non-profits typically have less financial resources. Payment for the 2019-2020 program must be received by September 13, 2019. Exceptions may be granted by the HMC at its discretion.

*Some scholarships are available.

Participant Benefits

Latino individuals participating in the program experience a number of significant benefits.

  • Expand their network to include their fellow Latino attendees and the business and community leaders who present
  • Expand their business, organizational and leadership skills including a better understanding of themselves and the way they function in their environment
  • Expand their understanding of cultural diversity and the efforts required in business and in the community to strengthen diversity for the Latino community
  • Provide them with the ability to benefit their organization with their improved business knowledge and understanding.

Organization Benefits

Private, public and non-profit organizations supporting participants in the LLDP experience a number of benefits.

  • The individual they sponsor receives a expansion of their business and organizational knowledge enabling them to contribute at a higher level
  • Networking opportunity for the sponsoring organization to connect with the participant graduates from previous classes
  • The logo of the sponsoring organization is displayed in HMC’s electronic newsletter and website welcoming new participants
  • Expand the participating individual’s business understanding of cultural competency and understanding of developing a diverse and equitable workforce which they can bring back to their organization.

Note: LLDP Hosting A sponsoring organization can also host an LLDP session at its location. The sponsoring host has its logo displayed on HMC’s website under HMC’s Leadership Program Partnerships, an opportunity to speak to the Leadership Class during lunch about the organization/business and promote upcoming initiatives or announcements during lunch (1/2 hour).

Purpose-Driven Leadership for an Inclusive Economy