Business Development Coordinator

Position Summary

The Business Development Coordinator of the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber (Hispanic Chamber) is an exempt position accountable to the Executive Director for the delivery of bilingual/bicultural business technical services to Hispanic and other small businesses. The Business Development Coordinator will be responsible for demonstrating and reporting measurable results as evidenced by:

The number of:

  • Hispanic and other small businesses assisted through direct one- on-one technical assis-tance.
  • Hispanic and other small businesses assessed to identify business needs
  • Loan Packages completed and submitted as loan applications for Hispanic and other small businesses
  • Certification applications completed for Hispanic and other small businesses
  • Businesses that have increased their business income
  • Classes, workshops, and other sessions conducted to educate Hispanic and other small businesses on a variety of business topics such as: “How to start a business”, “How to mar-ket your business”, “How to certify your business”, and “How to apply for a loan”.

In addition, the Business Development Coordinator will:

  • Conduct outreach to Hispanic and other small businesses at a variety of community events.
  • Participate in radio, television and other English and Spanish programming to inform businesses of the Hispanic Chamber’s services
  • Collect data for the development of reports required by organizations that contract with the Hispanic Chamber
  • Submit required reports to the Executive Director
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Key Responsibilities

  • Outreach to Hispanic and other small businesses
  • Delivery of services to Hispanic and other businesses
  • Planning with the Executive Director to refine the organization’s delivery of technical business services.
  • Maintenance of partnerships and positive relationships with Hispanic chamber mem-bers, key contacts in the Hispanic community, public and private sector organizations and other key stakeholders.

Key Skills Areas Required to Provide High-Quality Services

  • Financial literacy- Budgeting, record keeping, basic accounting concepts, product and project cost analysis, break even analysis
  • Preparation of basic financial statements- Prepare and analyze profit and loss and bal-ance sheet
  • Cash flow projections
  • Pricing strategy and profit analysis
  • Loan application- Determine the appropriate loan amount through financial planning, and assist with the loan application

Required Qualifications

Experience and Knowledge: Candidates should have a successful track record of:

  • Providing business services in the community
  • Working with Hispanic businesses
  • Working with the general business community


  • Applicants should have a Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree in Business or Finance. MBA degrees preferred.

Other Qualifications:

  • Understanding of business operations
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) /Bicultural person highly preferred.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness working with diverse people and organizations.
  • Ability to take initiative and prioritize tasks using time-management and prob-lem-solving skills.
  • A strong sense of personal integrity and professionalism. Candidates’ histories must be impeccable in terms of honesty, fairness and overall integrity.


Depending on experience and skill level
(Starting at $50,000 plus per year)


  • Accrued Time off (Vacation/sick leave)
  • Health, dental, and vision benefits

To Apply

Applicants should submit cover letter and resume to:
Carmen Castro, Executive Director
[email protected]


Job Description (PDF)